"Cavallini Model" Shop Bass
Body Length: 43”
Upper Bout: 20”
Lower Bout: 28 1/8”
String Length: 40 5/8” to 41 1/8”
Loft seasoned European wood
-Fine and even grain spruce tops
-Poplar backs and ribs
-Excellent construction, arching's and graduations
Assembled with 100% Hyde glue.

All finishing and setup work done in our shop.

Fingerboard Options:
1. Straight orchestra cut: ends at D harmonic
2. Decorative scrolling on orchestra length: ends between Eb and F
3. Cutaway solo fingerboard, 3 full octaves plus a step:  ends at A.
Additional options:
1. Machine head upgrade.
2. Simple or full chromatic fingered “C” extension.
3. Removable neck.
$12,500.00 to $16,000.00 
Depending on options and wood selection

We are very excited about our new "Cavallini Model" shop bass. 

Video Demonstation of the "Cavallini Model"...

For more information or questions, please E-mail or call 1-800-613-2277.

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